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longboard trucks

Longboard trucks can be broken down into two main categories; reverse kingpin and traditional kingpin.
Reverse Kingpin Trucks or RKPs are designed with carving and stability in mind. This truck style is characterized by a longboard-specific design, wider range of motion and taller ride height. Reverse kingpin trucks typically come in hanger widths of 150mm or 180mm. Popular brands include Gullwing, Bear, Caliber, Paris, and Buck Trucks.

Traditional Kingpin Trucks or TKPs are what you will find on most skateboards and small cruisers. This design is ideal for quick maneuverability especially on boards with a kicked tail for and skating pools, ramps etc. This truck style is characterized by a skate-specific design, lower ride height and a wide range of hanger widths. Popular brands of traditional trucks are Independent, Tracker and Bennett.

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