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Sector 9 38" Ireland Bamboo Longboard Deck, gripped$80.00
Gullwing Charger 9" Trucks - Silver, pair$50.00$50.00
System 8mm x 10mm Bearing Spacers, Set of 4$2.00$2.00
System Abec 5 Bearings, set of 8$10.00$10.00
System Allen Stainless 1.25" Hardware, Set of 8$6.00$6.00
TLS Complete Longboard Assembly Package$0.00$0.00
Sector 9 Top Shelf 72mm 75a Wheels - Orange, Set of 4 [out of stock]$49.00$49.00
Sector 9 41.8" Dropper Longboard Deck - Blue, gripped$100.00
Gullwing Charger 10" Trucks - Silver, pair $52.00$104.00
Sector 9 Butterballs 70mm 80a Wheels - White, set of 4$43.00$86.00
Arbor 44" Genesis Longboard Deck, gripped [out of stock]$150.00$150.00
Caliber 10" Trucks - Black Out 50 Degree, pair [out of stock]$54.00$54.00
Arbor Summit 71mm 78a Wheels - White, set of 4$50.00$50.00
Arbor 39" Fish Longboard Deck - Bamboo, gripped$100.00$500.00
Caliber 9" Trucks - Raw 50 Degree, pair$50.00$550.00
Arbor Mosh 65mm 82a Wheels - Black, set of 4 [out of stock]$38.00$190.00
Rayne 37.5" Reaper Longboard Deck, not gripped$180.00$360.00
Loaded 39" Tan Tien Longboard Deck - Flex 1, gripped$190.00$380.00
Orangatang Stimulus 70mm 83a Wheels - Purple, Set of 4$52.00$104.00
Paris 180mm V2 Trucks - Raw, pair$48.00$240.00
Globe 23" Bantam ST Skateboard Complete - Paisley$90.00$90.00
Paris 150mm V2 Trucks - Black, pair$50.00$50.00
Arbor 39" Fish Longboard Deck - GT, gripped [out of stock]$80.00$480.00
Arbor Mosh 65mm 82a Wheels - Red, set of 4 [out of stock]$38.00$228.00
Cadillac Classic Two 70mm 80a Wheels - Yellow, Set of 4$41.00$123.00
Madrid 36" Pineapple Longboard Deck, gripped$100.00$300.00
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Cart Total$4,436.00

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